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Aalpha Nursery & Primary School

Aalpha Nursery and Primary School which has been in operation since 1997 situated in a safe residential area near Check post-Nehru Nagar, Velachery. We believe in strong academics by integrating the best methods through activity-based learning, multiple, intelligence, play-way methods and individual student-focused approach combined with Indian values like discipline and hard work. We try to nurture our students to be ready for the future both Indian and Global. Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The Very Objective of AALPHA is to identify this uniqueness. The school is not created to force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the natural ability whether it is artistic, analytical, scientific, or linguistic. Education plays a vital role in personal growth and social development among all of us. In all its one’s education which decides what can make out in their life.

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“Live; Love; Serve”

Our Vision :

We create young talents in a happy, secure and spiritual environment which would help your child to be at the best. We shape them for life in these initial years.(Live… Love… Serve…).

Our Mission:

We achieve the mission by expert teachers who are expertized in smart teaching. They act as mentors to mold your kid for life. .

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Features & Uniqueness

Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The very objective of AALPHA is to identify this uniqueness.

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Exclusive smart class

Its unique structure captivates the first time visitors.

Shape them in life skills

As much as childrens are different from one another in life skills.

Super Brain Yoga

Enhance memory , Impacts on synchronizing both left and right sides of the brain.

Proficiency in English

English Language Proficiency and Early School Attainment Among Children.

Abacus Training

Experimental Learning in Maths and Science.

 Hindi Prachar Sabha

We conduct Hindi Prachar Sabha exam for our school student


Qualified teachers


years of excellence


Parent recommend School

Build your child future. Admission 2024 is Open

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